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food week in full swing

The week is underway and it’s been a busy start. HBO has their food trucks pumping out the food at 6pm (est) every day and from all the buzz it seems to be running quite smooth. So far they’ve served trout, rabbit, squab, sweetcorn fritters and the fan favorite lemon cakes. Also the new and final Maester’s Path puzzle went live yesterday and this time it revolves around taste. The reward gives us another peak into the world of Westeros and a nice look at some tasty food as well. If you’re having trouble or just want to skip it you can go here. Also I followed along with the chef’s over in NYC and made sweetcorn fritters tonight. I’ll have a full post up tomorrow night with the recipe and how-to pics. Continue after the break for 2 new videos from Tom Colicchio as well as some links to fan reactions and photos from the food trucks. There’s a little sneak peak pic of the fritters I made at the bottom too.

Here are some impressions and reactions from people who have had the chance to eat at the food trucks:

Fully Integrated Geeks , the science of (day 1) (day 2)

You can also see some great photos from the Campfire team over at their Flickr account CampfireNYC2011

Tom Colicchio showing off the food he made to represent King’s Landing:

and the Riverlands:

I’m no Tom Colicchio but they tasted very yummy


One response to “food week in full swing

  1. duckchick March 29, 2011 at 11:53 pm

    Nice! I hadn’t read the fully integrated geeks one yet. This is great, can’t wait to see your recipe!

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