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a look back on the week

Well GoT food week in NYC is over and despite it being quite chilly for those who waited for the food the reactions were very positive. I tried to make it into the city on friday to join the WiC crowd, but unfortunately due to work and prior commitments I wasn’t able to make it. There are plenty of reviews and pictures around the web and you can find some links and the bottom of the post. I also have all 5 of Tom Colicchio’s videos for each menu up in the gallery if you want to take a peak. The LA leg of the tour is going to be starting up tomorrow and I plan on making another one of the items from their menus this coming week. I’ll have a full how-to post up hopefully by thursday night (I think it may be flatbread with lamb and chickpeas). I’m also going to be updating the general food and drink info on the site in the coming weeks now that the food blitz is calming down a bit.  One last thing I’d like to say is thank you all for the comments and kind words, this site is for all of you so if there is anything that I can do to improve upon it let me know. And let me know what dishes you’d like to see made as well.

Links and Pics from NYC food trucks after the break.

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food week in full swing

The week is underway and it’s been a busy start. HBO has their food trucks pumping out the food at 6pm (est) every day and from all the buzz it seems to be running quite smooth. So far they’ve served trout, rabbit, squab, sweetcorn fritters and the fan favorite lemon cakes. Also the new and final Maester’s Path puzzle went live yesterday and this time it revolves around taste. The reward gives us another peak into the world of Westeros and a nice look at some tasty food as well. If you’re having trouble or just want to skip it you can go here. Also I followed along with the chef’s over in NYC and made sweetcorn fritters tonight. I’ll have a full post up tomorrow night with the recipe and how-to pics. Continue after the break for 2 new videos from Tom Colicchio as well as some links to fan reactions and photos from the food trucks. There’s a little sneak peak pic of the fritters I made at the bottom too.

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a taste of westeros hits the streets!

HBO has released some information today as you may have heard. They will be having food trucks serve food inspired by Game of Thrones in NYC from march 28th to april 1st and in LA from april 4th to april 8th. There will be 300 servings avalible each day as well as a different menu.  The menu for the first day will consist of crispy trout with almond butter citrus mostrada,  roasted rabbit, honey preserved lemon and stewed pistachio, the menus for the rest of the week will be released on monday. The food for the menus were prepared by top chef host Tom Colicchio. He’s come up with meals for 5 different regions of Westeros including the wall and the riverlands. If you live near NYC or LA you can follow Game of Thrones on twitter or facebook for info on the locations of the food trucks when they start showing up.

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