Hot Pie's Kitchen

Exploring Westeros one bite at a time


“Barley, onion, carrot, someone should tell the cooks that turnip isn’t a meat.”

–Tyrion ~ A Game of Thrones (pg.186)

  • Sweetcorn on the cob
  • Stewed onions
  • Cup of onion broth
  • Roasted onions with gravy
  • Onion pie
  • Dish of peas and onions
  • Pease pudding
  • Pease porridge
  • Leek soup
  • Sweet pumpkin soup
  • Soups made of roots
  • Barley stews with bits of carrot and turnip
  • Mashed turnips
  • Mashed yellow turnips in butter
  • Turnips soaked in butter
  • Buttered carrots
  • Red fennel
  • Beets
  • Spiced squash

The fruits and vegetables were classified per cooking purposes not botanical classifications.

For more specific information about the page location of food and drink in the books you can visit this link which will bring you to the concordance list.


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