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flatbread with lamb and chickpea purée

This week in honor of the LA leg of the Game of Thrones food trucks I made some flatbread and topped it with a chickpea purée and some lamb. Despite having a few different parts this is actually pretty easy to cook. It is a perfect finger food to serve as an appetizer. I’m going to be cooking one more dish before the april 17th premiere of the show and would like it to be a reader suggestion dish, so let me know in the comments or an email what your favorite dish is. Also I plan on having the 1st HPK wine tasting before the end of the month. I hope you join along and enjoy them, just hit the break for the full how-to with pics and all.

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sweetcorn fritters recipe

“Tyrion listened with half an ear, as he sampled sweetcorn fritters”

–Tyrion ~ A Storm of Swords (pg.820)

Last night I was able to enjoy some Sweetcorn Fritters without being at the Game of Thrones food truck in NYC. They are quite simple and quick to make and I hope you’ll join in and make a batch along with me. It’s a very versatile dish and can be served in a variety of ways. You can have it as an appetizer, side dish, midday snack, or even a nice breakfast. Keep on reading after the break for the recipe I used along with some photos of the process and final product.

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