Hot Pie's Kitchen

Exploring Westeros one bite at a time


more coming soon…

“The Lord of Ham thinks he’s too good to eat with the likes of us”

“I saw him eat a pork pie, do you think it was a brother?”

–Jeren to Toad ~ A Game of Thrones (pg.270)

  • Honeyed chicken
  • Honeyed duck
  • Duck with lemons
  • Stuffed ducks
  • Quails with butter
  • Capon
  • Capon stuffed with onions and mushrooms
  • Goose-in-berries
  • Stuffed goose sauced with mulberries
  • Roast heron
  • Squab

For more specific information about the page location of food and drink in the books you can visit this link which will bring you to the concordance list.


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