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“No, I’m done with fields of battle, thank you. I sit a chair better than a horse, and I’d sooner hold a wine goblet than a battle-axe.”

–Tyrion ~ A Clash of Kings (pg.54-55)

  • Sour red wine
  • Dry red wine
  • Honeyed wine
  • Spiced wine
  • Sweet plum wine
  • Sweet orange-scented wine
  • Summerwine
  • Pale amber wine
  • Claret
  • Hippocras
  • Beer
  • Dark Beer
  • Autumn Ale
  • Mead
Other Beverages:

  • Mint tea
  • Nettle Tea
  • Cider
  • Sweet Cider
  • Iced milk with honey
  • Goat’s milk
  • Buttermilk
  • Lemonwater
  • Spiced Rum
For more specific information about the mention of food and drink in the books you can visit this link which will bring you to the concordance list.

2 responses to “Drink

  1. duckchick March 26, 2011 at 12:56 am

    So you’ll be bringing real world equivalents to this list, yes? That will be VERY cool!

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